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The Borzoi ... a Russian Aristocrat
Owning a Borzoi
The passion
The Borzoi, called also Barsoi, Barzoi, Russian Sighthound, has his origines in Russia where his official name is 'Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya'. (Psovaya : long hair - Borzaya : fast)
He belongs to the group of the Sighthounds and is used as a sighthound for coursing and racing.
Brief historical summary
The Borzoi has been an integral part of the national culture and Russian history for 9 centuries. The French Chronicle of the XIth century shows that three Borzois accompanied the daughter of the Grand Duke of Kiev, Anna Laroslavna when she arrived in France to become the wife of Henri I.
Among the owners and breeders there were many famous people including Tzars and poets: Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Nicolas II, Pushkin, Turgenev.
The creation of the famous kennel "Pershinskaya okhota" by the illustrious breeders the Grand Duke Nicolai Nicolaevitch and Dimitri Valtsev had great importance.
From the end of the XIXth century, the Borzoi is seen in the biggest breeding kennels of Europe and America.
General Appearance
The Borzoi is a dog with an aristocratic appearance, of large size, of lean and at the same time robust constitution, of a very slightly elongated construction.
Females are generally longer than males. Strong bone structure but not massive.
The bones are rather flat. Muscles lean, well developed, especially on the thighs, but not showing in relief.
Harmony of form and movement is of prime importance.
In its everyday life the Borzoi has a quiet and balanced character.
At the sight of game he gets suddenly excited. He has a piercing sight, capable of seeing very far. His reaction is impetuous.

So far a brief historical summary about the Borzoi and his history.