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The Borzoi ... a Russian Aristocrat
Owning a Borzoi
The passion
The passion
Once a Borzoi comes into your heart, this will last forever !
… now 48 years later, the Borzoi-passion is still there.
Our first Borzoi came to us in 1976 from the Netherlands ; a male named Igor Van Troybhiko, followed in 1979 by a second male Casko Van Troybhiko and in 1987 we had our third male L'Oseroff des Monts ValdaÏ (son of Casko); who was for a short time my only Borzoi, after the death of Igor and Casko at the age of 12 years old.
1981 - Igor & Casko (Colmar/F) L'Oseroff
The story continues in 1995 with a new Borzoi male, Tsjerkaj du Bois St. Lambert and in 1999 Piatoi Polozovich de Xanishka.
The great grand-father of Tsjerkaj and Piatoi was Casko Van Troybhiko.
During the next years we had the opportunity to continue with the descendance of Tsjerkaj or Piatoi.
In 2001, Sergeiko de Xanishka, male (son of Tsjerkaj), in 2002, Basha Wolfska´a, female (daughter of Piatoi), in 2003, Ulanov Troykaia Polozovich de Xanishka, male (son of Tsjerkaj) and Troykaia Polozovich Casko, male (son of Piatoi).
Basha, Casko & Piatoi Sergeiko, Tsjerkaj & Piatoi Ulanov & Tsjerkaj
Piatoi (in Russian “fifth” and also my fifth Borzoi) was a very special Borzoi. We had many very special and unique moments together; he was a very exceptional dog, but the most important : with a wonderful character.
He didn't only had his obedience, agility and coursing licences; but he was a multi champion on shows.
The special contact with Piatoi was one of the reasons what made him so exceptional. He was very sensitive to our behaviour and felt when we wanted him to do something, it is no surprise that he was very dependant on our moral situation. When we were stressed, Piatoi got very nervous; …
He could float when he showed himself in the ring on shows, which was remarqued by many judges.
At the age of 4 he became a Belgian, International, German, Netherlands and Luxembourg Champion.
He also has many other titles in different countries in competition with lots of others; he won several times the best in group, among others, 3 years on the Brussels Dog Show (2002, 2003 and 2004), in Namur 2001, in Pontoise (F) 2002, in Maubeuge (F) 2003, in Kortrijk 2004, in Antwerpen 2005 and Gent 2008...
The most beautiful was in 2002 when he won the Best in Show on the Brussels Dog Show, unique for a Borzoi in the Belgian history.
A year later he won the Best in Show in Namur , Köln (D) and Ostercappeln (D); in 2004 in Kortrijk on the Sighthound Show, in 2007 Polleur and Hünstetten (D).
Another unique event was in 2002 in Donaueschingen (D) where he was the same weekend on Saturday best male out of +/- 70 Borzoi-males on the annual Borzoi show of Germany ‘Jahressieger 2002' and on Sunday best Borzoi out of +/- 120 Borzois where the title ‘Jubilaümssieger DWZRV 2002' was given (a title who is attributed once every 10 years). Both judges were Russian.
In 2004 he became best Borzoi in Vierzon (F) op the annual Borzoi show out of +/- 120 Borzois; which gave him a very nice title (in France) ‘Challenge Henry Teissonière'.
The same year he was judged by a very famous Russian judge and became best Borzoi out of +/- 110 Borzoi on a show organised by the French Borzoi Club.
In 2006 another female, the 2 year old Vanuschka-Tatiana d'Ymauville came to us followed by the male Brinsky Troykaia Polozovich de Xanishka and in 2007 Lesnitschewo 'Tolkai' aus dem Zarenreich (son of Ulanov).
Vanuschka Brinsky Lesnitschewo 'Tolkai'
The origins of our Borzois have always been the older German bloodlines (originally from Russia ); this hasn't changed in all these years. A Borzoi is not a very successful breed, but nevertheless there are some changes the last years in their appearance influenced by other imported bloodlines. Therefore the time had come to breed, to keep the bloodlines; especially for their character, beauty and performance and because it's also important for future Borzoi-owners to have the opportunity to meet these beautiful, noble dogs.