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The Borzoi ... a Russian Aristocrat
Owning a Borzoi
The passion
Owning a Borzoi
Since 1976 the Borzoi is our hobby and as a Borzoi-owner we think it's interesting to write about our experiences with the breed.
Borzois are very quiet dogs (a general property of sighthounds), who are very suitable to live in the house after a daily physical exercise.
A Borzoi is rather reserved but once he has confidence, his affection and friendship don't end.
He will meet you when you arrive, but will soon look for a quiet place to lay down; but will never lose interest in you and your movements; he will always stay very attentive.
Borzois are very intellectual, certainly when you learn him different things on a suitable manner for him.
A Borzoi has to be learned on a correct, but always the same manner; he likes habits. Learning on a attentive-rewarding way gives you the best results.
A Borzoi is also suitable to go to the dog school, for obedience, agility and even doggy dance. Important here is never forget that he has some restrictions; originally he was used to hunt on sight.
He will never achieve the level of a German Shepard in obedience or a Border-Collie in agility or Doggy dance.
But anyway, it's a challenge to work with him. Essential for a borzoi in these disciplines is the contact between the owner and the Borzoi; he will work for you to please you and not by obligation.
A Borzoi is also a rather sensible dog; who will need a lot of confidence after a bad experience; he associates and never forgets.
When you choose a breed like a Borzoi (and all other breeds) it's important to analyse if the breed suites your character and demands.
Before making the decision to buy a Borzoi, it's always very interesting to contact and visit a few breeders and/or owners and spend some time with the Borzois; because
... a Dog is for his Life !
Education is also very important in the development of the dog. Puppies raised in the house together with other dogs, will have had lots of life experiences which will be a great help in their further development.
Puppies raised in kennels sometimes misses these experiences when there living space is rather restricted. In this case it's a very important job for the new owner to make him confidence with lots of situations; the older he gets, the more difficult it is.
A Borzoi who had a good education and socialisation, will have no problems to live with children, other dogs, cats, …