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Borzois, our passion, to read more visit : 'The Borzoi' sub 'Owning a Borzoi' and 'The passion'.
There are no puppies available and at this moment we have no breeding plans
Maintaining the bloodlines of our currect Borzois is one of the most important reasons to have a litter from time to time.
Mainly for their character, sincerity, spontancity, socialization, affection, typical Borzoi 'expressions' and 'styles', but also for their qualities regarding beauty and performance.
The puppies are raised in the house and available as of the age of 12 weeks, so they can enjoy all possibilities to develop themselves, have a lot of experiences, a good socialization, a basic education and to develop their behaviours with the other members of the Borzoi-family.
Puppies are available for who loves the breed and likes to have a new family member, because
... a dog is not only for his life, but also to live with and
... not just for competitions !