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Troykaia Polozovich I
Troykaia Polozovich G
Troykaia Polozovich C
Troykaia Polozovich 'C' Pedigree Puppy Pictures
MCh. Piatoi Polozovich de Xanishka x Ardagans Cleopatra
6 Males : Casko, Chasko, Chaikan, Coscha, Coschka, Chudo & 2 Females : Chernitsa, Chiszka
From this litter comes our male Casko
This was the first 'Troykaia Polozovich' litter, in collaboration with the kennel 'Wolfskaïa', where the puppies were born and raised.
The parents, our male Piatoi and Cleopatra are also the parents of our female Basha.
Piatoi & Cleopatra
Casko Coshka Chudo
Chaikan Coscha Chasko
  Chiszka Chernitsa  
Troykaia Polozovich 'C'